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NZ’s leading CX consultancy brings a fresh and innovative approach to customer experience which ensures experiences are created and optimised on dimensions that truly matter to customers.

Introducing ForgeCX

A customer experience (CX) transformation process designed to reshape how businesses understand and engage with their customers. At the heart of ForgeCX lies the principle of understanding what drives customer choice, utilising the Jobs To Be Done methodology to delve deep into the reasons behind customer choices and behaviours. This combined with the voice of the business allows us to craft a CX Architecture that aligns with both customer needs and business objectives. From optimising current experiences to identifying fresh opportunities for value creation, ForgeCX provides a comprehensive roadmap to focus your CX efforts. Through our Experience Incubator, we explore new value creation opportunities, culminating in the delivery of new experiences to market. ForgeCX is not just a process; it's your pathway to sustainable business growth.

Our process

1. Discovery

Our unique discovery process combines three distinct research activities to inform the development of the CX Architecture. Each research activity plays an important role in aligning your organisation on where it should invest effort.

Understand the drivers of choice

Utilise the Jobs To Be Done methodology to uncover the real reasons behind customer choices and behaviours, revealing the functional, social, and emotional jobs that drive their decisions. This phase delivers insights into customer motivations, serving as the foundation for all subsequent steps.

CX research

We conduct traditional CX research to assess the performance of your existing experiences against the drivers of customer choice, identify additional pain points and provide the raw data that will inform the CX Architecture.

Voice of the business

By conducting interviews with key stakeholders and reviewing existing research, we gather insights to understand and gain alignment on the organisation's goals, challenges, and strategic priorities. This activity ensures that the CX Architecture not only reflects customer needs but also supports business objectives, creating a balance between customer and business outcomes.

2. Develop the CX architecture

Development of the CX Architecture leverages the Jobs research, CX research and the voice of the business to create a coherent, actionable framework that aligns organisational goals with customer needs and preferences. The architecture guides your organisation in understanding and improving current experiences. It includes a vision, guiding principles, customer segmentation models, an articulation of the future state experience, journey maps, and a CX governance framework - all designed to align customer drivers with the objectives of the business.

3. Plan your CX effort

Leveraging the insights uncovered during discovery and through the development of the CX Architecture we uncover opportunities to improve your existing experiences on dimensions that matter to your customers and we also uncover opportunities to create whole new experiences that will create new value for your customers.  These outputs will be consolidated into your CX Masterplan.

Create the Optimisation Roadmap

Focus your efforts where they matter most. By aligning enhancements with the drivers of choice, the Optimisation Roadmap helps ensure that your organisation invests in improvements that customers will value and recognise, optimising resource allocation for maximum impact.

Establish the Opportunity Portfolio

Identifies and prioritises opportunities for new value creation that leverage your competitive advantage. The Opportunity Portfolio clearly articulates and prioritises each opportunity giving you clear visibility on where to focus effort.

4. Run the Experience Incubator

Using best practice Lean Start Up methodologies we design experiments to test and validate the underlying assumptions of the new value creation opportunities contained in the Opportunity Portfolio.

5. Deliver experiences

Leveraging Purple Shirt’s world class design capability we optimise your existing experiences and help you take new experiences to market. In today's digital-first world, expectations for digital are forever changing. Stay ahead of your competitors and maintain relevance with our end-to-end design services. With over a decade of expertise, we've honed our design techniques to deliver lasting high-value business benefits.

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