Jon Martin

Head of Design

With a Bachelors of Art and Design, Jon has developed his digital design skills over a 15 year career and began his design leadership journey in London, where he led the design team for the replatforming of one of the UK’s largest e-commerce sites. He returned to New Zealand in 2014 to join Purple Shirt and while he is still hands-on "doing design", his responsibility as our Head of Design is to ensure the highest quality output across the growing design team and refining how our design methodology works in action.

Jon has the unique ability to design interactive frameworks that are flexible and extensible, from establishing new and scalable interactive frameworks for airport operational software (Veovo), redefining KiwiRails' freight portal, to leading the redesign of Auckland Transport's commuter mobile application. Jon specialises in the design of digital experiences that underpin complex operational environments; if you've ever wondered how an airport manages everything from moving bags, updating information boards, assigning planes to gates, invoicing retailers and much more, all from one digital platform, then you'll understand the type of complexity that gets Jon excited.

Jon is from Auckland and lives there with his wife and daughter. When Jon's not trying to keep up with his young family, he likes to lift  weights in the gym or sit with a coffee and his sketchbook.