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Business growth requires ambidexterity

As leading New Zealand business growth consultants, we equip organisations to deliver predictable revenue growth.
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Adaptable, resilient businesses must be able to produce quality products with great reliability AND develop new products and services that customers will buy.  Organisations are good at the first, but few have a system for discovering what new value propositions to commercialise next.

Chris and Lauren, Purple Shirt’s lead business growth consultants work at the intersection of strategy and innovation to build organisational ambidexterity and deliver results.  

To do both, we equip organisations to develop good business growth strategy that addresses significant business challenges.  Good business growth strategy creates a coherent set of actions that will drive progress in developing high potential products and services that customers will buy over the competing alternatives. 

Purple Shirt’s business growth consultants equip you with the critical tools to execute on your strategic priorities and ensure that your business strategy and innovation strategy are inextricably linked.

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Prioritise and focus on your greatest business challenges

We help you get aligned on the critical challenges your business will need to manage and how it should respond.

Define the roadmap for strategic growth 

We help you make progress with a clear strategy execution pathway that sets out coherent action needed to overcome critical challenges.

Leverage innovation processes to deliver predictable growth

We help you create an integrated innovation strategy that equips your organisation to develop new products and services your customers want.


A good business growth strategy should define a cohesive response to a critical challenge. A good innovation strategy should determine how an organisation will build new products and services customers want.

Bad strategy is over reliant on broad goals, ambition, vision and values.. We facilitate you through a best practice strategy development process that will set your organisation on a pathway to predictable revenue growth.

Business Growth Consulting Services

Strategy Development 

We will facilitate a best practice strategy development process that leverages the knowledge and insights within your organisation. We will align your leadership team on the key areas of strategy focus and develop a clear action plan that will help your organisation move forward in addressing its most significant challenges.

Innovation Strategy Alignment

We help you find your impetus for innovation with an innovation strategy that is tightly aligned with your business strategy and your appetite for innovation investment. We will show you how to take early steps on the innovation journey and ensure innovation resources are focused on the correct problems using the right tools.

Innovation Execution

We can help you run a specific innovation initiative or help you build innovation capability across your business - or both simultaneously. Everything we do is anchored in cutting-edge academic thinking and highly pragmatic approaches. We'll show you how the world's most innovative organisations are systematically innovating, and we'll equip you with the knowledge and capability to do the same.

Digital Delivery

We help organisations deliver on their digital objectives with experts in CX Strategy and Product Strategy, UX Research and Design. Check out our range of customer-focused digital services here.

Leaders find our Innovation Pitfalls workshop insightful and informative

“The presentation was fantastic and the feedback I’ve had so far has been equally positive - I reckon you could have spoken for another hour and the audience wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.”

- Global Financial Services provider
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Are you looking to be challenged and to drive change?

Are you looking to be challenged and to drive change?

We'll challenge you to think and behave differently
We're bringing a new set of innovation tools to New Zealand. Best practice that's been proven in Australia, and in organisations globally. Our fresh take challenges you to look at problems in new ways and question accepted wisdom.
We'll take an outside-in approach to your customers and your market
We're quick to get under the skin of your problem, but we keep a healthy distance from sector specialisms to better break down entrenched beliefs - because customers don't care about categories.
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