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Learn how we supported Veovo in reimagining airport operations from the ground up.
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Veovo provides airport operational software to the world’s leading airports with a complex suite of products covering every aspect from operational to financial systems and their integration with the wider airport ecosystem.


Veovo is going through a staged process of migrating its modular suite of products to the cloud. As part of this migration, Veovo took the opportunity to put customers at the heart of the process to explore how the experience could be optimised for the operational environment. Collectively we looked at the simplification of complex workflows and improving how users are able to consume, assess and act upon large volumes of continuously changing data.


We facilitated a collaborative design process with the Veovo team with concepts regularly tested with customers in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Finland, Iceland, and the US. We took an embedded team approach for the larger modules and to this day, dip in and out to provide support or new concepts to the team as required.


  • Successfully embedded UX in the product development process
  • Establishment of a complex configurable workspace that supports many types of roles within both operational and administrative functions
  • Establishment of a component-based design framework that has led to design and development efficiencies
  • Successfully transferred knowledge of the user research facilitation process to internal team members.

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Purple Shirt has been instrumental to the success of our next generation of airport operational and financial software. It feels like Purple Shirt have become part of the Veovo family.

Holger Pleiss
Solutions Manager

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