Chris Green joins Purple Shirt

We’re delighted to announce that we recently welcomed Chris Green as our Head of CX and Innovation to our growing team and we wanted to share the news as we’re pretty excited about it.

The new addition is Chris Green who comes with a strong strategy and innovation background and brings considerable additional firepower and experience to the Purple Shirt consulting offer. Chris cut his strategy teeth in a London strategy consulting practice before sailing to New Zealand on his boat and making Aotearoa his new home for his growing family. Having led several strategy teams in some of New Zealand’s most successful organisations, Chris did a stint in Australia where he got more executive experience before heading up one of Australia’s leading strategy and innovation consultancies in Melbourne. But the pull of New Zealand never went away, and Chris returned at the end of 2021 to take up a leadership position with Purple Shirt. 

Chris has brought a range of new experience and capability that augments Purple Shirt’s core UX capability and enables us to now offer a broader set of services to our clients from strategy, to innovation to CX and UX design. He has extensive experience in some cutting edge approaches such as Clayton Christensen’s Jobs To Be Done methodology which uncovers the causal reasons that customers choose one product over another - a critical element in ensuring that any improvements made to products and services actually drive customer choice.

Chris has based himself in Ōtautahi to help grow our existing South Island presence whilst also serving clients across New Zealand to develop strategy and run innovation projects. We’re delighted to have him on board and expand the ways in which Purple Shirt can empower its clients to thrive in our rapidly changing world. 

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