Working with PreKure

PreKure is our favourite healthcare start up. Find out more.

We had the pleasure of working with Louise Schofield previously when she was Group Innovation Manager at Vitality Works, so when she asked us to support her and her husband Professor Grant Schofield in an advisory capacity as they started up "a social enterprise to inspire the medical profession to become more focused on disease prevention rather than treatment", we were all in!

As anyone that has started a business will know, it's full of risk and uncertainty, so we are stoked to see PreKure entering their fourth year of business with an ever growing faculty and alumni of certified Health Coaches. Over those four years we have gone from an ad hoc advisory role to now having regular fortnightly check-ins where we discuss everything from tactical operational issues to long term strategic plays. We have also provided UX design and research capability when required, with a focus on up-skilling the PreKure team.

 It's important to point out that our relationship with PreKure is not one-way as Purple Shirt has received as much as it has given. We are very grateful to the PreKure team for supporting the wellbeing of our whānau, particularly during the lockdown when they connected us with PreKure Health Coaches and a psychologist, who helped us to ensure the teams’ wellbeing at a difficult time.

"Having the support of Purple Shirt has made an enormous difference to us as we have progressed from a start-up to a successful small business. Purple Shirt is all about the customer experience, and this is something that Blake has consistently worked with us on, focused us on, and at times, challenged us on! It is not a fluke our Net Promoter Score is 75 (12-month average score), it is a direct result of having Purple Shirt supporting us. Blake and the team have both the know-how and the real world experience that make for exceptional customer experiences."

Louise Schofield
Co-founder & Managing Director