Purple Shirt gets behind CarbonTrail

Learn how Purple Shirt is supporting tech start-up CarbonTrail.

Purple Shirt has deep held values about responsible business practices and is in the process of trying to achieve B Corp certification.

One of the elements we were grappling with was how to reduce our carbon footprint. Our accountants gave us a few pointers, but there seemed to be no clear answers and a lot of legwork.

We were thrilled to learn that the partner of a Purple Shirter had launched a start-up aiming to solve this problem. The founder Tom Hallam had just left his CTO role, on a mission to reduce global C02 emissions.  

Tom launched CarbonTrail to help organisations measure and manage their environmental impact.  The tool uses accounting data to automatically calculate and categorise emissions using AI. We found CarbonTrail could solve our problem in minutes, saving us a big investment of time and effort trying to solve it alone.

Purple Shirt are big supporters of businesses with a mission, and we’re excited to announce CarbonTrail has become our latest side project.  

We’re working with Tom and the team in a few ways. Blake Lough, one of Purple Shirt’s founders sits on the advisory board, helping CarbonTrail’s leadership team to navigate the complexity of launching and growing a new business. Purple Shirt are also working with CarbonTrail on designing a product with best-in-class UX.  One of our latest hires - Jacky Jiang has been doing a great job to improve the application's accessibility.

The team has made amazing progress in a short space of time, and we look forward to seeing CarbonTrail grow in 2023.  

Climate breakdown is humanities greatest threat and building tools that help businesses measure and reduce their impact is critical to helping us meet our global heating goals. I was delighted when Blake offered Purple Shirt's expertise to help craft the CarbonTrail experience, helping businesses large and small understand how they can reach net zero. Purple Shirt have a tremendous experience, and their financial services knowledge is invaluable. We're proud to call them partners. - Tom