Mentoring: Registrations are now open for intake two!

We’re thrilled to share that we’re now taking expressions of interest for Purple Shirt’s next mentoring intake, starting in early December.

Hit a bit of a road block and not sure ‘what’s next’ for you in your career? Or are you starting out in the industry and looking to secure your first UX role? The Purple Shirt Mentoring Program could be for you. Our approach uses reflective practices that will enable you to build confidence and make meaningful decisions. In your career, yes. But also in your life!

Whether as a mentee you come to the Purple Shirt Mentoring Program with a specific area you’d like support in e.g 'Transitioning into UX', or something more general that you may not be able to quite put your finger on just yet, this program is for you. Together with your mentor, you will create a personalised plan based on your needs and throughout the sessions they will not only guide you using core UX methodologies and tools, they’ll also share some of their own practical stories and experiences. Your mentor isn’t there to ‘preach’ but more so, to ‘impart’ and  encourage growth.

“Kimberley and I have worked through the characteristics and skills that are essential for 21st century leadership over our sessions. I have learnt about the power of optimism, building cultures of trust, and (as much as I was resistant to it) about the power of journaling. All of these skills are tools in a toolkit that I now have to draw on in my day to day work. However it’s been the conversations around the edges, understanding who I am as a person, my personal journey of successes and failures, my insecurities and my passions that have built an invaluable foundation for me as human, and as a leader as I move forward.” - Asher - Design Director, Mentee 

Not only did our first intake of mentees feel energised after their mentoring engagement, our mentors also found the sessions mutually beneficial, providing them with intellectual companionship. Something we are very intentional about enabling opportunities for at Purple Shirt.

“I've loved becoming a mentor. It's been a really reciprocal experience. Getting to know my mentee and understanding her goals and situation have been much more personal than I expected. We've been able to reflect together on the industry and our practices. Like many people she was already on the right track.  We worked on developing the confidence and resilience that will set her up for great things throughout her career.” - Lauren - Lead UX Strategist, PS Mentor

Interested in being matched with a Purple Shirt Mentor? We'd love to hear from you.

Please register your interest for intake two by 23rd November or reach out to with any questions.

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