User Testing

Objective customer feedback straight from the horse's mouth.

The purpose of user testing is to objectively evaluate digital and physical products and services from the perspective of the end-user. It removes bias and provides genuine customer insight from which design, product and experience decisions can be made. From early-stage concepts through to existing products and services, our user testing methodology is guaranteed to provide actionable insight that can materially improve your product or service experience.

Why user test?

We frequently see stakeholders make costly assumptions about how customers use a product or service which can be very different from what happens in reality. User testing allows you to see and experience your product or service through the eyes of your customers.

Benefits include:

  • Building customer empathy
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance the customer experience and prioritise issues from the perspective of your customers
  • Increase conversion
  • Validate a product roadmap
  • Get feedback on new features before you build them
  • Minimise the risk of deploying significant changes to existing experiences
Who uses us?
User testing is not just limited to B2C experiences. We spend a lot of time testing B2B experiences as well as tools developed for internal audiences.
How it works

Our methodology is based on what we refer to as “task-based testing” where depending on the nature of the product or service being tested, we develop a set of tasks that the participant attempts to complete using a prototype, existing product or other research stimuli. 

The art of task-based testing is to not direct a participant to a particular outcome. We ask questions like ”what would you do if I wasn’t here”, remain objective, maintain a neutral position and tease out how a customer really feels about the experience. It's about cutting through what they think they want us to hear and getting into how they really feel about the experience.

Based on the nature of the experience and the needs of our clients, there are two approaches to running the testing. The first, and our preferred approach, is to seek feedback in the environment that a product or service is naturally used; for inflight entertainment it's important to get on planes with customers and get feedback within the context of the wider aircraft experience. Alternatively, the second approach is where we hold user testing sessions in your offices so that as many of your team can sit in the observation room and witness first hand what customers have to say.

A user being interviewed by a Purple Shirt employee
A Purple Shirt Consultant facilitates a user testing session with a customer
What you need to know
  • We facilitate one-on-one sessions lasting between 40 to 90 minutes
  • You get to help shape what we explore with customers
  • Sessions can be recorded
  • Sessions can be broadcast
  • We can handle participant recruitment, scheduling and gifts
What gets delivered

In addition to sitting down with you and your team to discuss what we’ve learnt, the output of user testing can be tailored to your needs. Generally speaking, we deliver a report with  clear, actionable insights and next steps that will help drive measurable product improvement. The report can also include broad research areas and areas of opportunity depending on the product scope and testing that was undertaken.

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