Remote Customer Feedback

Just because we're in lockdown doesn't mean you have to stop talking to your customers.

What is Remote Customer Feedback?

Remote customer feedback sessions are a fast and reliable way to gain insight from users that you can’t access in person. Sessions can take a number of forms including in context interviews, generative research or formal user testing of digital products or services.

Remote feedback sessions are also a great way to involve internal stakeholders in the design of products and services.

Who uses us?



The key benefits of remote customer feedback include:

Stay customer centric - In these uncertain times it’s now more important than ever to remain customer centric. Remote customer feedback sessions enable you to stay connected to your customers as you adjust your products and services.

Reach - Remote methods allow you to connect with customers irrespective of their geographical location and physical availability.

Comfort - As interviews are conducted at a participant’s place of work or home, they will be more relaxed, comfortable and upfront.

How it works

We combine our tried and proven research methodologies with robust software to facilitate remote customer feedback sessions. Our typical approach is outlined below:

  1. Define research vision and objectives
  2. Define a recruitment specification and facilitation guide
  3. Manage participant recruitment
  4. Create research stimuli to support customer feedback or use existing collateral created by you or your partners
  5. Facilitate sessions
  6. Synthesise research and share insights

What you need to know

  • You get to help shape what we explore with customers
  • Sessions can be recorded
  • Sessions will be broadcast
  • We can handle participant recruitment, scheduling and gifts

What gets delivered

In addition to sitting down with you and your team to discuss what we’ve learnt, the output of user testing can be tailored to your needs. Generally speaking, we deliver a report with  clear, actionable insights and next steps that will help drive measurable product improvement. The report can also include broad research areas and areas of opportunity depending on the product scope and testing that was undertaken.

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