Purple Shirt Interview: AT Mobile with Callum McLeod

December 21, 2020
Steve Alexander

Off the back of an amazing response to our first webinar “The power of immersive research” we’ve kicked off a series of interviews with some of the great people in our network. Over the coming months we’ll be sharing their stories and providing insight into the world of user experience, product and design.

In our first episode, Blake Lough, our Director of Experience sits down with Callum McLeod the Product Owner for Auckland Transport’s AT Mobile app. Blake and Callum discuss beta groups, managing customer feedback, development constraints and some of the challenges in designing and delivering digital experiences that sit across complex operational ecosystems.

For those of you that might not be familiar with AT Mobile it has been downloaded by over 250,000 customers and helps you plan and track journeys across Auckland’s public transport network. Purple Shirt has been providing design and research support services to the AT Mobile product team since the inception of the app.

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