Design for Salesforce

From insurance to food services, we’ve been supporting clients who have chosen to enable their business with Salesforce using an approach that balances human centred design with Salesforce best practice. Through observation and experience we have identified key areas in which we can add value to Salesforce implementations.

Customer Experience & Product Strategy

Utilising human centred design methods we define strategic frameworks that clarify the customer experience and define prioritised roadmaps for Salesforce implementations. Knowing who your customers are, the experiences they need/want and the roadmap to get there, is the best place to start your Salesforce journey.

Deliverables include:
•    Customer experience strategy (actionable customer insight)
•    User types or modes
•    Design principles
•    Prioritisation frameworks
•    Product roadmaps

Human Centred Requirements Analysis

We take a human centred approach to requirements analysis by building a deep understanding of the people that use the Salesforce experiences we design. Combining traditional requirement analysis techniques with our lean UX approach results in the identification of requirements and the design of processes that meet the needs of users while delivering measurable value to the business.

Deliverables include:
•    User stories and jobs to be done
•    Customer experience modelling (our version of UML or business process modelling)
•    Gap analysis between out-of-the box and custom

UX Design

From a design perspective, Salesforce projects generally fall into one of two categories. Either a Lightning Design System implementation or a custom front end. We’re experienced in both, having worked extensively with Lightning and also designed custom UIs that leverage the power of the Salesforce platform.

Deliverables include:
•    Wireframes and prototypes
•    Visual design assets to support development
•    Development support

Speak to us about how we can work with you and your Salesforce implementation partner to deliver human centred Salesforce experiences.

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