AT - Tertiary Concessions

Reducing complexity of the concession application process

Client: Auckland Transport | Industry: Public Transportation


Auckland Transport (AT) has regularly come under fire from students criticising the lengths they must go to, to apply for a tertiary concession, which in some instances saw students queueing for up to an hour across multiple locations in the city.

The Opportunity

Use human centred design techniques to facilitate a pilot between the University of Auckland and AT to define a new application and renewal experience that leveraged digital to reduce customer effort, increase accuracy and automate renewals and fallouts.

Our Approach

We facilitated a two-week sprint with AT and The University of Auckland to explore the opportunity space, hypothesise solutions and test with customers. At the conclusion of the sprint, we made recommendations as to how automation could benefit customers and the business. We then moved into detailed design, prototyped and tested again and supported AT when the pilot went live.

Outcomes delivered

  • In 2019 87% of eligible students from the University of Auckland, Massey and AUT used the new process concession application process
  • Reduction in time required to apply for a concession from roughly 1 hour to under 5 minutes
  • Customers are now only required to apply once in their academic career (as long as they remain eligible)  as opposed to having to apply every year
  • Reduced fraudulent use of tertiary concessions by integrating identity verification into AT Mobile

What we did


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