AT Mobile

Providing dynamic transport information to New Zealand's largest city


Auckland Transport (AT) orchestrates New Zealand’s largest public transport network and was reliant on a set of legacy mobile applications to provide real-time and journey planning services to New Zealand’s largest city. We were asked to help AT reframe these experiences using human centred design methods while demonstrating that value could be delivered quickly and with a limited feature set.

The Opportunity

Redefine Auckland Transport’s mobile experience to improve the visibility of real-time information, consolidate existing legacy mobile experiences, embed design thinking, create a digital platform for the delivery of services beyond public transport and demonstrate the difference between project and product.

Our Approach

Design, test, iterate was our mantra. We held frequent user testing sessions and completed customer intercepts in major transport hubs to cross our i’s and dot our t’s. We worked closely with AT’s development partner and stakeholders to manage expectations and ensure that we stayed true to the product’s vision.

Outcomes delivered

  • Improved real-time information supporting customers to make better transport decisions
  • Successfully embedded UX in the product development process
  • Enhanced accessibility and overall user experience
  • From concept to production in just 12 weeks
  • 300,000 downloads and 200,000 active users
What we did
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